Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Inherent Nature of Poetry

For me, poetry is about expression, experience and emotion (Three E's). Anyone can produce poetry who desires to (I'm not saying that everyone can write GOOD poetry, just poetry in general), for everyone undoubtedly experiences the "Three E's" at one time or another during their lives. Seeing as poetry is not necessarily about rhyming words with other words or counting syllables in every line that you write, poetry can be a very natural communication tool. As such, in answering the question about how poetry actually began, I would have to say that poetry is inherent to prose, meaning that if you can speak in prose and express yourself through prose, you are fully capable of expressing yourself through poetry or verse. I believe this because I feel that poetry is a more natural way of expressing one's self. Poetry is about expressing yourself in a very individual way, and not having to conform to certain rules of grammar, sentence structure or punctuation. Poetry is free! Can we therefore say that poetry has a starting point in history? I don't believe that this can be judged, other than to say that poetry has existed in one form or another from the time that God created the world and people were able to communicate with each other verbally. Although we don't have written records of poetry from then, we must consider that many societies relied merely on oral communication before the written language came to be. Therefore, just because poetry was not written down until a certain date does not mean that it did not exist before then in an oral form. With prose, comes poetry, and vice versa!


Blogger chriscouto said...

your post just reminded me of the last lecture we had. In specific it brought to mind the interesting attraction that the professor had towards the poetic way the masses were sung. I'm not saying that the professor is that old, or that poetry started then however it made me realize that the origins of poetry are truly ancient. The example of the singing in the church, was, by chance something i had experienced before yet had not realized the true essence of it. I find that there is something truly in unique about poetry in its being effective in so many forms, eras, purposes, and cultures.

October 27, 2004 at 7:42 PM  
Blogger Donna_f said...

I agree with you that poetry is something everyone can participate in, but not everyone does. There are no rules to poetry and you don't have to show your poems if you don't want to, but people are still scared of it. A lot of people are afraid of what others will think and they don't want to produce anything people can read. Poetry (if it expresses yourself) is a very private thing and you have to be able to tap into your emotions, and some just cannot do this.

November 10, 2004 at 9:43 AM  

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