Sunday, November 14, 2004

For a Love of Words

Well, I think that this week's blog is going to be a bit shorter than the ones I have written in the past, but I hope that you nonetheless find it interesting!!! For this week, I feel compelled to write about the movie we watched in tutorial called "The Postman". I felt so inspired by this movie! It really made me think about just how prevelant and important poetry can be in our lives. I was really inspired by Mario's character, for I think that he really grasped the struggle that most people have with poetry--it was also quite evident to see his transformation on screen too. At first, this man only seemed to have use for poetry because he believed it to be the sole way into a woman's heart--recite to her your poetry and she'll be your's forever!!! What I really liked was how the character of the professional poet in this movie (who fully understood how women would fall in love with his words rather than himself) showed Mario that one's number one reason for composing poetry should not be to get women, but should act as a form of deep and meaningful expressions of ones' self. The poet was not a poet because of a desire for public attention, but rather for the purpose of emotional gratification, and I thought it was so beautiful how he was able to show this to Mario!! Don't we all wish that we could be taught the purposes of poetry on the shores of a beautiful, quaint Italian village!!! All in all, I felt that this movie was extremely beneficial for our class to see. It communicated to us the reason why a class like "Introduction to Poetry" has been included within the curriculum at York University. Poetry is the essense of emotion, expression and content--Poetry is a love of words!


Blogger JScays said...

EEK! That's what I get for not reviewing my notes BEFORE writing this blog...I mistakingly referred to the main character of this movie as "Mario," where his real name was Massimo! OOPS! Please excuse my ignorance.


November 14, 2004 at 9:38 PM  
Blogger julio said...

Hey I think you are totally right when you wrote about the transformation of characters. I think the transformation experienced by (.. uhm.. Memmismo is it)? Was awesome! Before he met the poet it was almost as if he was this undeveloped but great artist. His naivety about life attracted him to poetry (I loved his bewilderment with the ‘metaphor’) and his naivety about life made him a great poet! (When he was going around capturing the different sounds of the island and had the microphone pointed at the night sky.. I could sit for hours and analyze that!)

Oh and most of all you were right about something else…

The shores of that beautiful and quaint Italian island would make an awesome poetry teacher!

November 15, 2004 at 3:31 PM  

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